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MOTD: please read this thread daily for important Asylum information.
Special Announcement: Take note of a few adjustments to the current Asylum guild concept.

1) From now on I will edit this post and reply "updated"... to relay important Asylum Information.

2) I will limit Global Topics to six. All members should at least be active enough to read these and reply when necessary. (MOTD:, Roster, Crafter-Grider Groups, Warehouse, Bank, Armory)

3) Until further notice most guild units-schemes-etc. will be placed on hold; while we gather resources, skills, and numbers.

4) In the meantime, I am going to set up a Grinder/Crafter Exchange Program (see Grinder/Crafter Global Announcement for details).

5) In addition, if you have cc's, materials, or gear that can be spared please see the following topics... (Warehouse, Bank, Armory).

note of importance: We are allies of all CDF Treaty members: 47th CEF and A BETTER TOMORROW (check for CDF member guild updates here). If you have any issues with members from these guilds, don't retaliate unless an Officer orders it. Report issues on Vent and document as best you can e.g. screenshot, etc. All Asylum members should try and acknowledge CDF treaty members by giving a salute in passing. Thanks for adhering to these requests; as a strong alliance could prove very valuable in hard times.

I look forward to seeing you all on Vent and filling our ranks as we prepare for March! Thanks for taking the time to remain informed.

server: silicon.hidef-voice.com
port: 5131
pw: Asylum

Eventually we may transition to the CDF TS3
Program: TeamSpeak 3
Address: 47th.teamspeak-host.com
Port: 10040
Password: t@j3=rupaY#W

Well I just wanted to address the troops as we move forward. We have made a lot of progress on getting guild infrastructure in place and operational. The recruiting is going slow, but don't worry soon we will be in a position to kick off our first "Recruitment Drive".

In the early going whatever members of Asylum are online please utilize Vent to form groups and help each other out. Find an Officer, group with them, follow orders and assist. We are behind the curve, but have a month to catch up before territorial warfare will begin.

We will need to gather as much information as we can and stock pile it in the general forum area, for staff to sort through and make useful guides. e.g. you see a post on the ER forums about crafting or weapons performance... please come here to the forums, post a brief description and a link. Every week or so we will include all useful info in the forums index. Providing quick access to an ever growing database. If you have useful links bring them too they can all be added to the index.

What we need to do in the next few days are the following:

1) Have fun!

2) Log on to Vent... (feel free to use any of the rooms to make groups)

3) Team up with Asylum members as soon as possible.

4) Post and Reply on Asylum Forums.

5) Again Have Fun! If your not having fun, then do something else.

Thank you for your patience... Strive hard in the early going... Prepare yourself as well as you can for the next month...

Note: I will post an in depth examination of the function of each Branch and the responsibilities of each rank/title in the ER forums soon!
I will also be making the following updates to the web-site over the next few days...

* Descriptions and Pics of all Medals, Ribbons, Awards, Ranks, Units, etc.
* Additional Character Profiles... updated...
* Improved site navigation... work in progress...
* Links page... processing...
* Classified Password Protected Guild Files... this database will be put in place and information will be uploaded as obtained.
* and more...

In the meantime... we are small in numbers but will grow quickly... A guild with an active forum is a healthy guild... jump in and make suggestions, get to know one another and welcome new members!

Good Hunting! Don't forget we are members of the CDF, so if you see 47th or A Better Tomorrow members they are our friends! We also have a decent relationship with Divided-Allegiance... keep in mind no formal treaty is in place with them though.


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